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PAFEXE is a blockchain powered, Pan African agri-tech platform for the entire value chain, featuring an online marketplace, networking, profiling, shared resource centre and valuable big data.

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Buy and sell commodities and agri-inputs from across Africa with secure payment terms and full transparency

Interact with the entire supply chain including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, input providers, logistics companies and service providers

Access Agri-Hub, our ever growing digital library containing valuable sector information on commodities, pests, inputs and more

Access statistical data for cross border trade, food security, traceability, project efficiency, standards and taxation


PAFEXE combines an extensive on the ground network and wealth of continent experience with the power of the blockchain to empower the entire value chain like never before. With full transparency and tracking, all purchases, sales and public sector interventions, donations and funding are logged on the platform.


Members of the supply chain can track their commodities and agri-inputs from source to ensure total traceability.


With blockchain technology, the value chain can be tracked, showing if chemicals were used to grow crops, where crops were grown, when the crop was harvested and more. All data found on PAFEXE is trustworthy and secure.


This solution finally allows Governments and NGO's to track and monitor the entire sector.


PAFEXE Coin is used for all transactions on the platform, from commodity sales to input purchases, as well as for public sector project, grant and donor funding. Users can see commodity prices in PAFEXE Coin as well as in their local fiat currency, so that they always know the fiat value to them. 

All users can convert their PAFEXE Coins in to fiat currency via the platform and farmers will also be able to convert to fiat currency via their mobile banking systems on their phones.

The long term vision is to create a single, digital currency for the continent of Africa, much like the Euro for Europe, powered by the blockchain for full transparency. With the size of the agriculture market and the potential Africa holds, PAFEXE Coin is well positioned to become one of the most powerful and valuable currencies in the world.


PAFEXE is launching an ICO to raise funds for the launch of our platform and program across the 26 countries in the COMESA region. Pre-register today to make sure you don't miss out on this groundbreaking initiative!



The African agriculture market is on track to be worth $1 trillion by 2030 according to World Bank reports. Yet in spite of this the sector is plagued with many issues, holding it back from fulfilling its potential.  

The PAFEXE team have spent years working on the ground in Africa, researching the market, meeting the main actors in the sector, putting together a comprehensive technology and program which fits their needs and solves their key problems.



With a competitive marketplace through which farmers can sell direct to buyers and buy affordable inputs; armed with knowledge on how/what/when to grow, PAFEXE integrates farmers in to the value chain like never before...






From global crop and input prices, real time forecasting and tracking of items, early warning system on pests, droughts, floods and what to do, PAFEXE provides key data to give farmers all the vital information they need to be sustainable.

With access to affordable inputs, crop trends and a wealth  of crop knowledge, PAFEXE provides farmers with the tools to increase productivity and efficiency, maximising their outputs.

Connecting farmers to the global food industry and public sector, PAFEXE is a fully inclusive value chain allowing farmers to integrate and network with the entire sector, whilst becoming economies of scale.

With access to a worldwide market of well-funded buyers, PAFEXE lets farmers choose who they sell to and at what price, maximising their earnings.


Providing access to an untapped marketplace of African farmers and the rest of the agri-sector, PAFEXE allows businesses to increase their networks, sales and efficiency in the market...

Buy and Sell

PAFEXE provides businesses across the sector with access to millions of reliable new customers, including farmers and co-ops across Africa selling goods and purchasing inputs and services. 

Save on customer acquisition cost and improve customer retention.


PAFEXE provides access to an interactive database of the entire supply chain including service providers and to valuable sector data (including big data) useful for risk assessment, risk mitigation, customer profiling and more.


PAFEXE gives the public sector all the tools they need to monitor, evaluate and communicate with farmers and the entire agri-sector at the click of a button, improving their efficiency in the process...

Monitor & Evaluate

PAFEXE allows governments, universities and organisations including co-ops to monitor and evaluate the sector like never before, with a database of farmers and the key players in the value chain. From regional food balance sheets to harmonised project implementation, PAFEXE allows the public sector to utilise valuable data to improve efficiency and coordination.


PAFEXE provides the tools to securely communicate with the entire sector, track supplies and disseminate grant and project funding to the relevant parties. With full transparency and traceability, Governments, NGO's and farming co-ops can utilise PAFEXE as a digital back office to harmonise their activities across the continent.




The people behind PAFEXE:


The team behind the Pan African Food Exchange (PAFEXE) share a vision of Africa becoming a breadbasket for the rest of the world, catalysing change and developing the continent's agriculture sector to feed itself and the globe. With a wealth of continent and sector experience and a passion to drive progress, the PAFEXE team work with key players from across Africa to ensure we create a lasting legacy of sustainable growth.

Gavin Wright


Andre Vorster

George Magai

Head of Partnerships

John Lumb




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