PAFEXE is a blockchain powered, Pan African agri-tech platform for the entire value chain, featuring an online marketplace, networking, profiling, shared resource centre and valuable big data. PAFEXE allows all members of the agri-sector to trade, connect and interact 24/7



Buy and Sell online with all PAFEXE users including food products, commercial products, freight rates and business services. PAFEXE agri-Marketplace makes it easy to search & promote the products you want, offering the chance to trade online or buy/sell now for a quick purchase/sale with the entire African agri-sector

Logistics Hub 

Allows members to gather and store freight quotations from transport companies worldwide. Users can receive multiple quotations to see who has availability, appropriate vehicles and the best rate



A revolutionary new data centre which gives users access to our ever growing digital library containing valuable sector information on commodities, pests, inputs, mechanical information, information on governments, organisations and associations, food specifications, food science and​ much more


Reporting the latest prices traded on PAFEXE and on exchanges around the world for commodities and other goods and services, giving farmers and the rest of the sector reliable market data for the very first time

Log Book

Farmers can create a blockchain powered log book verified by their certified cluster leaders, allowing full traceability of all crops including crop protection and fertiliser used on their products



A directory of all PAFEXE members, allowing users to connect with farmers, processors, manufacturers, traders, distributors, service providers and the public sector worldwide


A global network of your PAFEXE contacts

Account & Profile 

A personal account with self sovereign identity authorisation which allows you to create your online profile and manage all your preferences. Profiles include name & contact details, business information, a list of products you buy & sell, human and animal applications, trading certifications and a company video

Private Messaging

Allows members to send private messages to any contacts in their PAFEXE network


A blog which allows all users to post, comment and interact with other members worldwide on a range of topics such as the African market, the global food industry, breaking news, trade agreements and much more

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