The African agriculture market is on track to be worth $1 trillion by 2030 according to World Bank reports. Yet in spite of this the sector is plagued with many issues, holding it back from fulfilling its potential.  

In the current system, African farmers sit outside of the value chain and cannot directly access domestic and international markets to sell their goods.

PAFEXE integrates African farmers in to the global value chain and makes them visible to the market.

The farmers also lack access to knowledge on how to manage their crops in the most efficient way and this leads to poor yields. PAFEXE provides them with instant access to a wide range of valuable crop data, such as how to grow a particular crop more efficiently. This enables farmers to increase their productivity and therefore increases their revenue further. 

Africa has a weak, disjointed supply chain lacking visibility, transparency and direct influence over suppliers further down the supply chain often leads to problems across the many facets of daily trading.

Our Vision

An Africa that...


Feeds not only itself but the rest of the world, fulfilling its agricultural potential and solving the world’s global food security issues


Has one single, valuable digital currency working alongside a harmonised, transparent and inclusive digital value chain


The PAFEXE team have spent years working on the ground in Africa, researching the market, meeting the main actors in the sector, putting together a comprehensive technology and program which fits their needs and solves their key problems.


Africa has the potential to feed the world and solve its food security issues with a first class, climate smart and sustainable agriculture sector, powered by PAFEXE and the blockchain.


We share a vision of Africa becoming a breadbasket for the rest of the world, catalysing change and developing the continent's agriculture sector to feed itself and the globe. With a wealth of continent and sector experience and a passion to drive progress, the PAFEXE team work with key players from across Africa to ensure we create a lasting legacy of sustainable growth.

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